Old Testament Syllabus

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Course Title:

Required equipment:
This course will require the following Bible:

THE CATHOLIC STUDY BIBLE, Third Edition, New American Bible revised edition,
Oxford University Press. ISBN: 978-0199362776 (or ISBN: 978-0190267230)

Vatican “New American Bible”

Course Hours:
2 hours per week (suggested), with one month to complete all course materials. Includes
1 hour to pray, asking God’s grace to enter in the mystery of the Sacred Scripture.


Course Objectives:
1.      This course increases student’s general knowledge of some Books of the Old Testament.
2.      Student will learn specific elements of the Bible, History of Salvation, and relating Israel as the chosen nation in the Old Testament and opening to the New Covenant.
3.      Students will learn/experience an intimate relationship with God through the readings, prayers and reflections from the Old Testament Books.  

Readings, Tests, and Papers:
All readings must be completed in three weeks. The fourth week is reserved for reflection and writing a paper, and to complete your test before you start next course. You will receive your next course syllabus on the first of the month following successful completion of each course.

READINGS— You will have required readings for this course. A suggested timeline is supplied below. Every chapter has a Learning Topic. Read the whole assigned chapter(s) and find the information which PROVES or provides the ANSWER to the topic.

TEST— On the fourth week of the month, students will come to the church to take their tests. A grade of at least 70% is required to pass the course; retesting is permitted if 70% is not achieved. If your schedule means you need to take the test before/after the deadline or don’t pass the test, please contact Ashley Neumann or Deacon Benny Yupanqui to discuss your retesting options.

PAPER— The course requires a 2-page paper (plus cover letter), double-spaced in 12pt Times
Roman, or one page single spaced. Your paper should discuss:
·         Choose just one specific Learning Topic from your course readings.
·         Your chosen ministry where you are helping in the church.
·         Your personal Catholic faith in Jesus Christ.
Papers should be emailed to Deacon Benny at catholicchurchusa@gmail.com or print
it and submit your paper to your proctor when you come to take your test.

This chart gives you only suggested dates. Feel free to read at your own schedule and

Any questions, comments, etc., about course content, please feel free to contact to:
·         Deacon Benny Yupanqui at ecatholicchurch@gmail.com

·         Proctor is Sharon Faith at sharonfaith@gmail.com   

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